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Welcome to this page dedicated to discuss wished data models. Feel free to talk in whichever language you want, especially in the comment section.

The goal of this page is to allow wiktionarian communities to formalize an ontology that would solve their common requirements, with the aim to provide an associated dedicated Wikibase instance implementing it.

It comes as an alternative to the per linguistic version approach per situ which aims at providing as many Wikibase instance as Wikitionary linguistic version, to each hold its very own hardwired ontology.

Requirements analysis[edit]

This section is specifically dedicating to express requirements that an ontology should meet in order to encompass the aims of trans situ approach to create a data model whose structure will benefit all linguistic versions of Wiktionary and possibly beyond.

Data model proposals[edit]

This section is there to host you data model proposals. Obviously, complete the requirements analysis must be first achieved to do something really relevant, but if you can't resist to stub something without delay, here is the place for it.

Miscellaneous comments and idea[edit]

Here is the section for all your suggestions and feedback that wouldn't fit other sections.