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Strongly Oppose: Objective of the Wikipedia and its other project are to promote knowledge to people everywhere in world. More than 65 Million people are speaking tamil but most of their lifestyle and internet neccessity are slowly growing and its not like what is there in developed countries. This is the vital reason for present slow progress but not constant one. Just because of short term focus, if it is closed, it is not only great disappointment for us, also Wikipedia is moving out from Objective and loosing the potential user. Remember it, 60 Millions of these population belong to world 2nd fastest growing country: India. In india, recently there are initiative is taken to promote Internet and mobile internet like 3G & wimax. Added to it, other Wikipedia projects in tamil are doing good, is showing that our people deserve to have it. this kind of mentality with huge number will increase mutual benefit. Finally I request to consider above mentioned factors. – — … ° ≈ ≠ ± − × ÷ ← → · § Shanmugam: Rshanmoogam 08:46, 13 September 2009 (UTC)Reply

Inactive project (December 2023)[edit]

Went to contribute but found no other user activity. Is the new nomination for closing should go to Proposals for closing projects/Closure of Tamil Wikiquote 2? --ꠢꠣꠍꠘ ꠞꠣꠎꠣ (talk) 18:57, 13 December 2023 (UTC)Reply