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The following comment was added after the proposal was closed. Moved here by --MF-W 15:31, 25 July 2013 (UTC)

Oppose: I am Xhosa and I reject Jwc's proposal. It seems to me JwC is on a personal mission and probably has a negative attitude towards African people in general. He/she seems to assume a lot of things about Xhosa people which are frankly not true. How does he know Xhosa people want to be paid? Who said that and even if 2 or 3 said that hardly constitutes an entire nation. As for his/her argument that SA's are adept to using the internent, while that is true it is also a fact that also a fact that a majority of wealth is held by white people with disproportionate number living either on the breadline or below it. What this means is that there is a challenge to actually ACCESS the internet in the first place because that is an expense and secondly, African communities face infrastructure problems; not everyone has a computer and yes almost everyone has a cellphone but its simple, cheap phones cause smart phones are too expensive, thirdly those of us (like me and my friends) who do have means to access the net did not even know about the existence of the wiki page, I've been using the internet for close to 20 years and I never knew Wiki had African pages. I only discovered this because I was searching for something and I got the wiki page result, today I was trying to find that page again to explore it and I got this. Jwc before you go attacking and trashing people who have done nothing to you how about first doing some reflection and research? And secondly I don't understand why this is such a crusade for you because whether or not the page exists makes no difference to your life, its not your server its sitting on, you're not funding it and the fact that you've been on this crusade for 5 years makes you look pathetic in my opinion. —The preceding unsigned comment was added by Mxhosakazi (talk)