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This is an index of archives; for recent discussion, see Talk:Requests for new languages. Please do not post new comments on these pages; if you wish to revive a discussion, either move it back to the main page or link to it. For help archiving pages, see standard archival system .


  • April 2006: Number of speakers (1 subtopic) | Languages written with more than one script | Abuse of this page by some of us | Klingon | Node Ue's silliest action for months How to keep this requests page usable | ? | Suggestions | Desperate plea for disambiguation of Portuguese and Brazillian "Portuguese" | Discussion isn't always a good thing | "Zlatiborian" | Supporters | Requests for new Wikiversity languages (1 subtopic) | Wikisource | Where is the request for Venet Wikipedia? | Questions and clarifications | about the pageRequests for new languages/Scott Gall | Nedersaksisch | New Proposals? | For a more workable definition of "Approved" | Who is allowed to vote here? | Discussion on procedures | PDA version of Wikipedia.
  • November 2006: Cantonese, again | Slovene Wikibooks | Cebuano Wikitionary | What's the Point ? | Emiliano (eml) | What WTF is the sence of the vote counting??? | Proposal for criteria in granting requests for new languages | Piedmontese: request for assistance | Murcian: boldly removed | Moved Trasianka request | Opposing for native speakers | ottoman language | Proposal for Minangkabau Language Edition of Wikipedia | Oldest requests | Non-natural languages | Counting neutral votes | Interwikis | Approving the Novial Wikipedia | Undo My Changes to the main article | What to do with "Simple German"? | Aramaic/Syriac Wiktionary | What about the Tarantinian Wikipedia? | Old languages | Discussion of the poll concerning the creation of an European Portuguese Wikipedia (7 subtopics) | Estonian | Language code suggestion for Classical Wikis | Interesting observation | Incubator Wiki | "Present Belarusian" & "Belarusian, orthography revision of 1959" | Totals counting in section names - PLEASE STOP IT!!!! | Bel-Wiki under the pressure | Moved from /Denied | How can I vote? | When will we get our Kabyle wiki?.