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The description of Mizo language is not totally true. It is not the lingua franca of Kuki-Chin-Mizo people. Only a fraction of them speak this language. For example, as you can see from Web site, only about 12,500 people in Chin State Myanmar/Burma speaks Mizo as their first language, the rest who are as numerous as the population of Mizoram speak different languages. Likewise, only few speaks Mizo as their first language in Manipur state. Various tribes of Kuki-Chin-Mizo people have fought for their respective languages to be used in one radio station in Churachandpur also known as Lamka. Mizo langauge is not likely to get this. This indicates that it is far from the lingua franca of the the K-C-M people. No doubt Mizo language is striving in Mizoram where it continues to maintain the upper hand over other K-C-M languages. It so happens because Mizoram is under a democratically governed India where the rights of the people are respected. Other languages of k-C-M people who forms majority in Chin state are not learned or taught in schools and colleges because Burmese military would not let minorities to promote their languages. Only Burmese is taught in every nook and corner of Burma.

Some have claimed that Lai, Sengthang, Daai, Lautu, Mara, Khumi, Zomi/Paite, Thadou (Kuki), etc are dialects of Mizo but they are not dialects. They are as close as Germanic languages like Dutch, German and English. They all have written ones just like Mizos. They are In fact, Zomis claim the rest are dialects of theirs, likewise Lais too claim the same. Dr. Vei Kho Ning said there is no consensus on one language for K-C-M people which is true.

If user like Lpachuau makes claims, the claims should be accurate. I personally believe Mizo language deserves to get the project, but information should be accurate. I have seen khampatdia, a wikipedia project from someonw who seems to be from the same person as, as it is mentioned here, there are many inaccurate entries in that project. There are no citations nor references given for the articles they have posted. Some articles could provoke anger and misunderstanding among various tribes within K-C-M as some of them are given a favourable treatment over the others.

It should not become a tool for promoting one language against the other. If needed I will furnish more details from Mizo-Kuki-Chin scholars who have the same view point.

Thank you, guys![edit]

Thank you for the verification.

In this world, everyone is trying to win. So, I also played my part to promote my language, to strengthen my language status in the Mizo (or Kuki-Chin) community. Some people may said it is not a lingua franca of the Mizo (or Kuki-Chin) people, but I can do any type of conversation with them. Same as French-English relation. :). Anyway, Lusei rules!!! :)) Lpachuau 00:13, 5 October 2009 (UTC)Reply