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An automatic transform between Latin and Arab alphabets can be best solution.

I have showed my interest in helping to create this automatic translation many times, but nobody responded. I have the expertise (I previously have created a Desktop application and its php port on this matter) and still willing to cooperate. موسا (talk)

Editing Talk:Requests for new languages/Wikipedia South Azerbaijani (new section)[edit]

As an Iranian Azeri (also called "South Azerbaijani") I totally agree with the creation of the new language for some reason (part I) and under one condition (part II).

I)Why I am agree with this request:

I-1) In current situation of Azeri peoples in Iran which the writing of an article in Azerbaijani language ("Northern Azerbaijani language") equals to the stigmatization as "separation activity against Iran", which cause many problems for the authors of article for example in newspapers, journals and etc, the adoption of other alphabet will not be bad.

I-2) I have written many Azerbaijani (the language of Azerbaijan Republic) texts. There are so many problem in writing a simple article in this languages for some reason:

I-2-i) Due to adoption of some unpopular Latin characters for this language ( i.e. I, Ə), many programs (common programs like "Microsoft Office Word" in its spellchecker function, or almost all of more specific and scientific programs) do not support Azerbaijani language, which cause so many problems.

I-2-ii) The last item mentioned partly is for low populations of the users of this language which does not persuade international companies to provide suit-packs for this language. It also is for low application of this language in Azerbaijan Republic, and the preference of Azerbaijani people and in somehow many official organisations to use Russian language in almost all aspect of digital world.

I-2-iii) The adoption of very popular Latin characters like English base letters and characters (i.e. ANSI) for "South Azerbaijani Language" will helps Azeri people in Iran, including scientists, journalists, and ordinary people to write and read articles, because of the familiarity of people with English letters and characters, which have been using widely in Iran.

I-2-iv) "South Azerbaijani language" which utilizes English base letters and characters provides a very important advantage to use the products of international companies. For example, in commercial world the creation of a simple font that supports the characters of "Azerbaijani language", will not be easy for the people (Iranian Azeries) considering its human efforts and its financial costs. While for a language which base on English base characters everyone can use, almost all times, free fonts that are supported by many programs.

I) For one condition adopting a new language can help for its users and its audiences, and it is the using of English base characters(ANSI).

II-1) We live in 21 century. Almost all of our actions are engaged with digital processes. So as closer to this digital world, as more success and engagement with the future.

II-2) Using of Arabic base letters and character for "South Azerbaijani language" will hamper the engagement of the language and people that use this language with digital world and future.

II-3) This kind of language improve the opportunity of dialogue and contact with other languages including "Azerbaijani language". On the whole, I agree with the request for new languages "South Azerbaijan".

I am not a linguistician, but basing on my experiences I suggests the following combination of letters for specific voices (i.e. Ö, Ü, I, Ə).

1- ao (Aort mak)-- Örtmək

2- au (Autau)-- Ütü

3- ai (Qaiz)-- Qız

4- oa (Oatoa)-- Ata. In "South Azerbaijani language" this item doesn't have frequent usage.

5- a (Al)-- Əl

6- c (Carpich)-- Kərpiç. This item widely are used in "South Azerbaijani language", while it doesn't used in North one.

7- k (krem)-- Krem

8- j (Jadval)-- Cədvəl

9- ch (Chatin)-- Çətin

10- sh (Shisha)-- (Şişə)

11- kh (Khamir)-- (Xəmir)

12- gh (Bagh) -- (Bağ)

13- zh (Zhapon)-- (Yaponya)

Another issue about "North Azerbaijani language" also Turkish language is the attaching issue of this languages, which is hindering the computerizing of this languages (for example, İnter-languages translations and spell-checking and grammar and style corrections). Therefor, I suggest to use a separation in words. For example:

Saikh ail airoam -- Sıxılıram

Saikh ail airsoan -- Sıxılırsan

Saikh ail air -- Sıxılır

Saikh ail airaiq -- Sıxılırıq

Saikh ail airsainaiz -- Sıxılırsınız

Saikh ail airloar -- Sıxılırlar


Gatir il mishdir -- Gətirirlmişdir


Tabriz dan -- Təbrizdən

Tabriz a -- Təbrizə

Tabriz li -- Təbrizli

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I think you are missing the whole point. The reason for wanting to create this new wikipedia is that Iranian Azerbaijanis cannot read and write Latin script! If they were able to do so, there wasn't any need to do this. And plus, we don't want to make things any more complex than this! The Latin alphabet for North Azerbaijani is a suitable Latin-based one, and if we were going to use a Latin-based script for South Azerbaijani, there was no one reason to create another one (except adapting the Common Turkic alphabet which is a better but not necessary choice), but for the case of South Azerbaijani, the Arabic-based script is the norm and the people are familiar with it. موسا (talk)

this language is not only a language this is our ID and our history and existence for our .we ned to us this alpabet for write our history and names .we lose our origin without this.Stolen our existance and we ned to save our history and names. we ned to write and sav .we Living in south azarbayjan and we hav ID and names and history .we ned to keep our intellectual origin.we are independent society. and try to write or history and names.user:susan turk