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  • Is css file and images from csszengarden adaptable ? like this one ? Greudin 00:03, 12 Jul 2004 (UTC)
    • I would think that many designs from CSS Zen Garden could be adapted to Wikipedia skins, but that specific one doesn't look like an easy candidate. Something closer to the MonoBook format (narrow sidebar, wide content space) would probably be more easily modified to use at Wikipedia. Also, getting the CSS author's permission would be essential. -Etoile

How do you make a skin[edit]

  • If it doesn't sound too silly to ask i was just wondering how to make a skin?
    • by modifying the contents of a CSS file, and possibly addinng icons, etc., of your own. You can find examples located in your skins folder, as well as a blank template. Without CSS knowledge, I would imagine that it would be a arduous task. -Koinu 2005-08-10


  • It's possible to have a sort of how to install skin? i'm not an expert in any program language and i'm totaly disoriented..-- 18:13, 19 May 2006 (UTC)Reply[reply]
    • You shouldn't have to "install" the skin really. As long as you have all of the files in the skins folder, it should show the skin on the list of ones available. --Qsheets
      • I made a new folder and attempted to put Bart v M's two files in there, however my wiki doesn't see this new folder. I tried putting it in another folder that's already recognized and overrode another file and it came out all crazy looking.[edit]

hi, I show the skin, but i would like to know where can I download that skin for my wiki. If any one knows an email, please sendme to make a contact with the author. Thanks a lot. 13:19, 16 August 2007 (UTC) estombelo@gmail.comReply[reply]

black background skin[edit]

I've been working on a black background css stylesheet for a few weeks. text is white. links are yellow. (Popups have black backgrounds). message boxes have blue, or red backgrounds. there is no sidebar. the table of contents floats so it takes less space. I would add it to the article but it really needs to be looked over by an expert before I can do that. If anyone is interested the link is here:User:Lemmiwinks2/monobook.css Lemmiwinks2 01:21, 16 September 2009 (UTC)Reply[reply]