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Who agrees with me that OR is the way forward? -- 13:10, 8 August 2009 (UTC)

Oh for the love of God, speak up, be bold. -- 12:54, 17 August 2009 (UTC)
Alright, I'll bite since everyone else is ignoring the elephant in the room. Original research is nothing but utter nonsense. It dictates that only secondary sources should be followed but surely secondary sources derive their information from the primary source. It's time Wikipedia started treating itself as a secondary source and drawing simple conclusions from primary sources. After all information has got to come from somewhere. What makes Wikipedians less qualified to draw conclusions than anyone else? Wikipedia has become stagnant, corrupt and ignorant. Nobody makes any simple deductions for fear that they might rock the boat. Even intelligent people pander to the empire-building, wannabe tin-pot dictators that strut around laying down policy like gospel in order to gain recognition and a pat on the head from their Marxist admin superiors. Meanwhile Jimbo Wales has become nothing more than a figurehead, a weak-minded political puppet taking orders from the bootlickers and bureaucrats that now run the show. I was absolutely shaken when a user on Wikipedia whom I considered a friend began viciously insulting me for making a stand and ignoring the Original Research policy. This man had a PhD in Maths and here he was following the flock, acting like a docile sheep and criticising me for not doing so. This is the sort of man who is supposed to provide a role-model to the proles and here he was acting like one. In retrospect I’m amazed he wasn’t blocked for personal attacks but then it was probably his deletionist sentiments that saved him. What an interesting insight into Wikis justice system. NOR has turned WP into a circus. Go on the talk-page for the No Original Research policy and you'll find that now you can't say the sky is blue without a verifiable source. Think I’m joking, go and take a look. And now thanks to NOR's deformed brain-child, WP:SYNTHESIS, you can't say two add two equals four. I’m totally serious.
The bottom line is. NOR and its demonic minions, Synthesis and the laughable Verifiability, Not Truth must be dissolved or Wikipedia is so finished. People think that WP:NOTABILITY is the biggest threat to Wikipedia but it’s just a media smokescreen. The real thorn in the side of Wiki, is NOR. Take it down and the entire spider-web of policies will tumble like a rather tragic domino set. -- 19:51, 14 February 2010 (UTC)