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Removed items from the page[edit]

You will be appreciated to move them to the more appropriate place.

The Boston Tea Party all over again[edit]

Just wondering, should I use Brittish or American spelling? And could you post somewhere obvious which one people should use? I don't know how many incongruencies are occurring because of it... (example: Jail and Gaol, Zero and Zed, etc.) Andrew Hudson, Aug. 23 2005

Hello Andrew,

This should usually be the individual user's decision on how they prefer. I, for instance, use the extra u, -re instead of -er, and grey (colour, metre, fibre, grey). I sometimes also use words like lorry and lift for truck and elevator, respectively. For official project pages, just use what you prefer. Note, however, that American users may not know what a lorry is, and British users may be temporarily confused by elevator. Minor differences like biscuit vs. cookie usually won't make a difference.

Overall, just do what you like more, but pay attention to the audience of your site.

Ilya 05:09, 12 December 2006 (UTC)[reply]


I have conscientiously contributes articles on "Magnetosphere" and "Aurora" (my own field as physicist, one on which I have larger web sites in my own domain and find they are beeing degraded by people who seem to have other motives. They add no information, but remove it, and they undo what I worked to create.

If Wikipedia wants people to invest serious effort, it better limit such sniping. I do get critical comments on my sites, too, reply to them and often make changes. But just chopping away for what seems to someone an esthetic or stylistic reason is the Midas touch in reverse, gold into lead. Do you want me to invest time in Wikipedia?

Here is my correspondence to "Vary" concerning "magnetosphere."


Dear Vary, whoever you are

Please return the "Magnetosphere" item to the way I left it.

Actually, I am close to giving up on Wikipedia: you invest serious work and then termintes come and nibble it away. I have my own very thorough exposition of the magnetosphere, and the reason I linked to it was, because THERE I can maintain what I wrote, with no termites. Look it up: if you find anything wrong or misleading let ME know, and I myself will change or not.

  I also get a lot of e-mail about the magnetosphere. A remarkable number of people ask about whether Apollo was a hoax (because of the radiation belt), and what will happen to humanity when the magnetic polarity reverses, etc. This is why I addressed thse concerns in a section under "Magnetosphere." An important purpose of this web site, I thought, is to provide what the public asks for

Please, therefore, put everything back. Links, public concens, other things I have not noted. An encyclopaedia site should not be a camel designed by a committee.

David Stern

19 February 2006

SOS! Wikipedia bahasa Melayu Down[edit]

I don know what actually happen, but i just cannot open MS:wikipediapage at location of Malaysia, 3 August 2006 morning. Now i am lost contact for others wikipedian of MS:wikipedia becouse normally we keep contact via MS:wikipedia. May i know what should i do and what actually happen? Ychmatematik 04:25, 3 August 2006 (UTC)[reply]


A robot is destroying the breton wikipedia completely, and there is no administrator there to stop it! Could you help me to solve the problem: i.e. stop the robot? Thanks in advance! Benoni on the breton wikipedia.

Copying meta help pages to other wikis and updating them[edit]

I am working on the Welsh wikipedia (cy). I have noticed that there are some help pages on the English wikipedia which are copies from meta and are updated automatically. Before I propose to the cy community that we have a similar system on cy, having automatically updated English help pages as well as our basic Welsh language help pages, I wanted to check that this is possible for either users or sysops on cy to do. If so, is there a straightforward, step by step guide on how to do this somewhere on meta (I have looked and looked and can't find one)? Lloffiwr 20:45, 24 November 2006 (UTC)[reply]

Copyvio on Nostalgia[edit]

I believe Benito Mussolini is a copyvio on nostalgia, see discussion on en:. Rich Farmbrough 19:03 21 December 2006 (GMT).

Cassiopedia insulting Wikipedia[edit]

After incidentially landing on the so-called Cassiopedia [1] I discovered that most (eventually all) articles in that encyclopedia carry the following footer:
An uncorrected copy of this article might be available at
Especially the "uncorrected" sounds quite insulting. I'm nearly sure here's not the right place for that notice, but I didn't find any better. -- Túrelio 09:30, 27 January 2007 (UTC)[reply]

Vandalism of Hungarian nationalists[edit]

They make vandalism called "blanking" (editors Horbatimus and Nmate)- delete all conections of Slovakia with Hungarian Kingdom. It was 1000 years one state and history is conedted. They delete parts of articles despite of that I put resources in english there. Second problem is that they change names of towns in Slovak-Hungarian history. Till 19th century the names was in local language or in latin. They use hungarian names for all period. Hungarian names were officialy used after 1907 year. So it should be the names in history of Kingdom of Hungary in Latin or in local langauges (slovak, croat, romanian). I fight with them long time and I dont know what to do. Thank for help.