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Wikipedia unuseable

Moved from en:Wikipedia:Village pump on Thursday, September 25th, 02003.

Wikipedia is currently unuseable because you can't get to any articles without a wait of upwards of five minutes. Is the Israel bot responsible, or just what is the problem? RickK 01:42, 22 Sep 2003 (UTC)

IsraBot is not currently running, see its contribs. It's just that time of the day, come back in 3-4 hours. Please donate -- we are getting a server upgrade soon (mostly out of Jimbo's own pocket), but that won't help for very long. We really need a third server. -- Tim Starling 01:49, Sep 22, 2003 (UTC)
Not all of us have the wherewithal to donate anything. RickK 01:52, 22 Sep 2003 (UTC)
It's not going any more slowly than normal for's not as quick as it sometimes is, but I'm not waiting five minutes. Adam Bishop 01:55, 22 Sep 2003 (UTC)
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