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Zenobia Queen of Palmyra.[edit]

Zenobia is a queen of the kings of Palmyra

According to some historical sources, Zenobia is of Arab origin
The epidemic is called the daughter of Amr Ibn al-Zubar Ibn Hassan Ibn 'Uthaina
Ibn al-Sumaydah al-Same'i, which was in the pre-Islamic era, is famous
Zenobia was a great itch and a remarkable insight and a leading figure
In addition, she had the feminine qualities she had
The beauty of a beautiful brunette skin with a hole
Zenobia spoke several languages, as mentioned in the history of Aramaic, Coptic, Latin and Greek. Also, as in the case of kings and princes, they had a wide culture familiar with the culture of the West and the East

Her husband was the king of eastern Romania at the time, which was extended to Syria was the wars of her husband (Uhina) mostly with the Persians and if he went to war,
After her husband was killed in a war that differed on dates
The rule of the country was given to her son named Wahab al-Lat
The first wars fought by Zenobia were those that were defensive against the Romans after the relations worsened between them and between Palmyra and Zenobia, and they were defeated by force and by the valor of the kings. After the danger was settled and Palmyra began, Zenobia began its armies invading and opening the countries and opening the land of Egypt.  Extending its influence in trade in the Arabian Peninsula
And did not convince Znubia so, but extended their armies by their conquests between the shores of the Bosphorus until the Nile was called after it
(Eastern Empire)


Its rule ended after the battle between them and between Orlianus, the king of Romania, was not able to resist the large Roman army surrendered and left Egypt back to Palmyra but the Romans went to it there
And after they were captured by the king of the Romans and housed in one of his homes

Her death

   She was said to have died of a poison dose and was also said to have died as a result Dhanoon Ali (talk) 14:28, 24 May 2019 (UTC)Reply[reply]