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Questions Maryana Iskander session[edit]

  • le sujet des connexions bloquées (proxy ouvert)
  • les risques associés aux régimes autoritaires, qui malheureusement est un risque partout dans le monde, mais qui me semble plus marqué dans certains pays d'Afrique.

Why are you discriminating against the Afrikaans Wikipedia?[edit]

The Afrikaans Wikipedia is and has been for a while the biggest on the African continent. We are currently in the 69th position overall with 104 112 articles and -important - depth of 45! One user has created more than 10,000 artcles on the Afrikaans Wikipedia already whilst two others have passed 7000 articles each. These guys have created more articles than some African language Wikipedia's! Yet, ZERO recognition or anything on any Wikipedia document or FB groups. My postings on WikiAfrica were deleted! I really thought that discrimination were something of the past. I guess it is time to inform Maryana Iskander of this discrimanitory practice. Oesjaar (talk) 11:48, 2 August 2022 (UTC)Reply