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Match Reports[edit]

I'm not aware of anywhere on the internet that will allow the kind of match reporting I've proposed here. Match reporting is some of the most disparate information out there. If I want to find the match report of a rugby union game at the smaller professional level, I will inevitably have to trawl the wayback machine to find an old long-deleted news article that reported on it. This means trying to navigate broken old websites that undergo redesigns every few years while purging their old content. Or trying to navigate more official news websites that pick and choose what they report on.

Wikipedia holds some match reports, but only for the biggest matches. See w:2011 Rugby World Cup Final. There are some full seasons recorded such as w:List of 2016 Super Rugby matches, but these are necessarily smaller because the page would be huge if full match details were recorded for every match. Plus the data is not presented in a very informative format, and sports events are not easily navigable. And as someone who has spent time recording match reports on Wikipedia, it is a slow and unwieldy process, not something that I would try to do for long-term or live. Supertrinko (talk) 03:54, 26 July 2021 (UTC)Reply