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Angela has created comments after the end of the vote and after the person looking after the vote has pronounced the decision of the vote. There is documentary evidence to these two people being indeed in favour of the vote. This vote has been open to everyone who wanted to vote for this project. Both Sue Ellen and Felix have expressed their willingness to actively support this project. GerardM 13:52, 18 February 2006 (UTC)

My #1 objection to this voting process was that it was not advertised at all on other Wikimedia projects, so it would be hard pressed to suggest that you have "community opinion" on the topic. That you have a group of supporters for this proposal is clear, and there is certainly going to be a community of people interested in getting this going. I find it unfortunate that more input on the question wasn't sought from outside this small group of people contributing, and that it was never put on the Goings-on page for Meta, much less a notice on the Village Pump of Wikipedia, nor the main discussion pages for any other Wikimedia sister project. This suggests a fear that getting substantial outside input would get many "No" votes.
The other objection I had to this whole process was that I felt additional community input was needed for the initial proposal. With the amount of hesitation that the board seems to have toward Wikiversity, in spite of the almost overwhelming quantity of opinion for that proposal, they have gone and asked for further revisions of that proposal because it didn't seem that enough actual effort was put into the formal proposal page. If that is the case, then this Wiki for standards proposal is woefully inadequate. I didn't even get a chance to argue about the wording of this proposal before the formal vote began. Indeed, there was basically no time at all given to work on the proposal right before the vote. Indeed the page with the proposal was started only two days before the vote on accepting the proposal was started. It certainly didn't give any chance to try and suggest modifications to the proposal or work in any other ideas. Similar proposals have been on Meta for months or even years with some very insightful comments that were added over time. --Roberth 04:08, 9 March 2006 (UTC)