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Stats about the number of real, actieve Wikipedians would be nice. I make them now for Wikipedia NL. All users in the last 90 days who have made at least 10 edits. That is also a way to see how big a wikipedia is. Giskart 11:21 14 Mar 2003 (UTC)

I'm reminded of an anlogy I read somewhere once (not the most inspiring of starts, I know...) that the act of measurement always changes the measured object.

Suppose an English teacher graded hir pupil's essays by taking them to the top of a flight of stairs, throwing them off, and giving A grades to the ones at the bottom of the resulting pile, under the principle that longer essays are better. If news of this grading technique leaks out, pupils will soon try to gain an advantage by, for example, writing on heavier paper, or by adding lots of staples, and so on. The pupils would probably learn a lot about physics and wind resistance and materials technology - but not so much about English. MyRedDice

Voting results:

  • No additional statistics: 11 votes, sum 55, average 5 (bad)
  • Total size: 12 votes, sum 33, average 2.7 (rather good to good)
  • Total in A4 paper: 12 votes, sum 60, average 5 (bad)
  • Frequency in 50 bytes: 13 votes, sum 54, average 4.2 (rather bad)
  • Frequency in 250/1000 bytes: 14 votes, sum 30, average 2.1 (good)
  • Frequency table by vigintiles: 13 votes, sum 41, average 3.2 (rather bad to rather good)

My conclusion would be: The frequency table by 250/1000 bytes, the total size statistics and the frequency table by vigintiles are wanted (in this order), the frequency table by 50 bytes and the total in A4 paper are not considered as good, and additional statistics are wanted.

My proposal for the developers would be: Try to get at least one of the 3 top choices, preferably all 3. Andre Engels 13:30 18 Mar 2003 (UTC)

I withdrew my votes. If you want additional statistics develope further Eriks script. There are other features much more important to be implementent in MediaWiki (controlled voting, fair deleting mechanism, quality rating, scalibility...) -- Nichtich 09:16, 26 Jul 2004 (UTC)