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Two mechanisms could be built in to prevent abuse:

  • registered opinions expire (assuming the article itself has had major edits) if the user does not refresh them within regular intervals, either by doing so manually or by participating in the discussion
  • sysops can override any decision, but only in accordance with community policy.
  • Why should opinions "expire"? I should not have my opinions about something ignored just because I am working on other things at the time.
  • How are we to determine whether a sysop decision is "in accordance with community policy"? Brianjd | Why restrict HTML? | 03:31, 2005 Apr 7 (UTC)

I imagine that the intent is that the weight of an opinion diminishes as the article moves away from the state upon which the opinion was formed. I am not sure how this could be done without offering opportunities to game the system. I would suggest a weighting modifier inversely proportional to the number of edits since the opinion was lodged or renewed. As for "but only in accordance with community policy", this looks redundant because it is a fundamental behavioural tenet.—TheoClarke 07:39, 23 Jun 2005 (UTC)