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EdoK's Suggestion for this project


The idea is, to combine place and time for the various historical events and show it on a model of earth. Actually Google Earth/Maps has most of the features to do this, but is probably not a good platform for a Wikimedia project. Never the less I will describe the following ideas in GE terms.

  • Processing available historical data, i.e. correcting for inaccuracy on the large scale, and overlaying them over a basic terrain background with a time-stamp
    • covering most of the world with large-scale maps initially, individual users could add local corrections and maps
  • Placemarks and similar features could be used to display various events and facts, off-course paintings, pictures, and the like could be attached
  • A system to categorize the events to allow to display e.g. the social development, the conflicts, the borders etc. independently.

The whole thing is mostly encyclopedic and the reason why it should be outside Wikipedia is the need for a GE-like interface and (if it works out) the potential vastness of the project. A dream result would be like when I used Google Earth for the first time and spend half-an-hour to roam around the globe, only this time I'd like to do it with the added time-dimension. The limitation of individual articles, unless one spends a lot of time reading on a topic, give a compartmentalized view of the events and in fact I suspect a lot of 'facts' could be mere opinions of popular authors since nobody listens to the people pointing out conflicting evidence. This project could allow us to see the bigger picture and spot the contradictions, but also the gaps and general patterns invisible or only visible to historians.

--EdoK 16:18, 20 June 2010 (UTC)Reply

Jimmy_Jazz's suggestion


I think that a crucial aspect to Wikihistory should be to create a historical data base; this includes sources, essays, quotes, book references, and most importantly, historical debate. It should be a place to unite historians in one large project to:

  • Classify historical events
  • Debate aspects of history
  • Create a database of historical sources for use at all levels (e.g university education)
  • Compare, contrast and learn from each other's historical ideas and views

I believe the map idea is interesting but... Possibly a bit complicated?

I stress that I am willing to volunteer for this project to get it up and running.

--Jimmy_Jazz 17 May 2011

Website of WikiHistory


I saw this proposal when I was browsing through the list of wanted projects. But I need to inform you guys that I have already started this project and is waiting for volunteers to help kick start it. It can be accessed here. Thanks. Hydriz 16:27, 8 October 2010 (UTC)Reply