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Wikipedi Evolution

Dear Sir/Madam, First I want to thank Jimmy Wales and the WikiMedia team for providing Wikipedia, that is in itself a fantastic idea brought to life!

The Wiki Movies are a fantastic addition, I have circulated the idea that Html can have specific tabs that a speaking program can use as a queue for text to speech recognition as well.

It is my belief that what has been created by yourselves is the the first evolutions of a skeletal backbone to a free learning system!

The vision I have had that I wish to pass to yourselves is based on wikipeda evolution, from the person who can not read or write accessing and app on their mobile, tablet, or computer that allows for them to take lessons in reading and writing to more advanced levels of chemistry, biology, maths, physics, etc!

Further to the initial Vision is the vision of the curriculum being streamed free into classrooms to a media board (in conjunction with the blackboard) around the world, the teacher can stop the video at specific points and take questions and check to see the student understand each lesson before continuing on, it also allows the student to access that same lesson at home or park and review the lesson.

Students who have a higher learning capacity are not held back by the class and can advance in the lessons at their leisure!

It allows the teachers more time to help struggling students, identify the hole in the knowledge or learning disability and address the situation so that the student does not lag behind!

I find that visual and auditory is one of the most effective teaching systems, being delivered by an eLearning system can be highly benificial to the world at large, videos designed to keep the attention of the viewer for maximum learning potential!

Obviously the Vision of such is some distance off however I believe that it will over time shape naturally in that direction, and by informing you of this, then there may be the possibility of helping Wikipedia in that direction!

It occurs to myself that with the skeletal backbone in place, making additions that help structure the wikipedia in a way that other people can "Connect Their Free Apps" (App provided free, advertisements optional) to the Wiki may also help evolution, that additions in "Catagorisation" allow for a basic form of curriculum to evolve!

By sharing the Vision it may lead to an intended focus!

Thank You for you time and patience, and again Thank You for providing Wikipedia! Good Luck On The Journey

Daniel R Colgan Muswellbrook NSW, 2333 Australia

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--EnulSolaris (talk) 20:17, 18 December 2012 (UTC)Reply