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WMCH project submission feedback[edit]

Dear Nattes à chat,

Thank you very much for participating in the Wikimedia CH call for projects 2017! We truly appreciate the time and effort spent for submitting your ideas.

The WMCH team has carefully examined your request for project funding. In order to be fully transparent, we provide answers on the discussion pages directly within a given project’s submission page, so that the community can access all the information.

Since 2014 already, WMCH has been working on tackling the gender gap issues on Wikipedia. The association wishes to carry on its work in 2017 within the framework of its human and financial possibilities. Indeed, fostering diversity has been identified as a key enabler for next year’s strategic impact directions.

The association is delighted to be able to offer its support to your grant request. You may find all the information as to how this project aligns with WMCH’s APG submission for 2017 and what is planned through this link (Check section Program 3: Community under the project line 1: Diversify communities in CH).

The association would be delighted to offer its support to your grant request in the idea lab. However, before we formally proceed with our evaluation, we believe that your project would have additional weight in light of WMF’s evaluation if you could mobilise more people supporting it, thus showing that there is a strong demand.

With regard to the specifics of your request, and following recent emails sent out, WMCH - in its APG submission for 2017 - proposed the financial support for the organization of the Art + Feminism 2017 event in Geneva with a budget of up to CHF.-5000 (subject to final approval of both the FDC and the WMF Board at the end of December 2016).

In addition, your project for organizing an edit-a-thon at the Gostelli Foundation also received a budget allocation of CHF.-1000 (subject to final approval of both the FDC and the WMF Board at the end of December 2016).

Please note however, that those funding possibilities, if approved by the WMF at the end of 2016, will be available under the following conditions:

The expenses may only cover logistics costs such as room rentals, snacks and refreshments. All expenses require original invoices. Costs may be covered upfront in order to avoid covering any financial expenses before the event.

In exchange for this support, WMCH asks for a detailed report for each activity, to be received via, no later than 30 days after the different events take place. We will be sending you the report requirements once we receive the confirmation from the Wikimedia Foundation about the approval of the association’s APG submission.

Should any institutional partners join the initiative, please ensure that WMCH’s Partnership Terms are shared with them and adhered to. We will be sending them to you by email along the reporting requirements during the month of December. In particular, we would like to emphasize that should there be any press or media coverage associated with the events in 2017 and beyond, WMCH expects to be named and recognized as partner. Should this not be the case, WMCH reserves itself the right to withdraw immediately from any funding for the project.

On a separate note, we count on you to inform the Bibliothèque d’art et d’archéologie du Musée d’art et d’histoire de Genève of the organization of a roundtable to discuss the possibility of holding an event in Geneva. Following up on last year’s NOTAmused petition, we would appreciate if all potential stakeholders could be involved from the start and to get a chance to participate.

Many thanks for your involvement in the Wikimedia movement!

Thanking you again for your submission, we remain at your disposal should you have further questions.


Wikimedia CH

--Gabrielle Marie WMCH (talk) 14:09, 10 October 2016 (UTC) on behalf of the WMCH team[reply]

My active to the Art+Feminism 2017 in Geneva[edit]

I am willing to representing the women artistique scene at the Art & Feminism editathon 2017 in Geneva. Me contribution will be for sure to link the community from not aMUSEd to the Art & Feminism. see you in the Futur is Female!--***Makita Angela*** (talk) 14:12, 19 October 2016 (UTC)[reply]

@***Makita Angela***: Many thanks for your participation, we much appreciate the idea of you linking the Art + Feminism event with the not amUSEd community so as to make sure the alternative feminist movements in Geneva understand the purpose of the events as well as the intentions of the Wikimedia movement. Gabrielle Marie WMCH (talk) 07:51, 26 October 2016 (UTC)[reply]