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Talk:Wikimedia Diversity Conference 2017/Skill sharing 3

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Welcome & Introducions[edit]

  • Jorid, 2 min

Icebreaker expansive thinking on Resources[edit]

  • What are resources? Individual brainstorm - Marti, 10 mins

resources we need[edit]

  • introduce framing, suggest thinking about this as a specific project - Marti, 1 min

Example of lack of monetary resources[edit]

  • story of Bangladesh monetary resources - Afifa, 5 mins

Example of lack of resources[edit]

  • WMNO Saami language skills - Astrid, 5 mins

resources we lack[edit]

  • 3 person group conversations on what resources we lack - 10 mins
  • Report back
  • Katy

strategies for addressing those resources[edit]

  • Brainstorm strategies for securing those resources - 15 mins
  • Report back (if time allows)


  • Thank you--this is the start of a conversation
  • Community Resources that are available