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An interesting Scenario



 第十條 缺席會議
 A. 任何代表請假須於會議四十八小時前徵得代表會主席同意,並以書面申述其理由。
 B. 任何代表如連續缺席代表會的常務會議、續會或特別會議四次或以上,代表會則有權彈劾之。
 C. 任何代表如連續缺席代表會的常務會議、續會或特別會議五次或以上,代表會則有權罷免之。
  • There are totally five members in the council of representatives. What would happen if the chair and two other representatives gang up and set up five consecutive meetings in such times that are impossible for the other two to attend?
  • Less drastically, what if the chair subtly makes life difficult for one of his fellow representatives?

Hillgentleman 05:22, 23 November 2006 (UTC)Reply