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Issues about this proposed sister project[edit]

I Oppose Oppose this proposed project because the following reasons below:

  1. This seems not to be an educational, informational or about certain type of knowledge project.
  2. The proposal is not clear. It is proposed to create a new project to host some kind of competition, but it does not say anything about what kind of competitions would be held, or about what.
    • "We will take data from wikimedia members and set the best up in for the olympics" — data would be obtained from where? How would you handle personal information? Would you ask for permission to use that information? Would you ask for consent from the user to be involved in such "game"?
    • You said this would prevent vandalism with other users, but I cannot see how this can be achieved with the proposed project.
  3. Barnstars, prizes and contests can be held within existing sister projects. There is no need to create a whole project just to host wikicontests when these are already held in Wikipedia, Commons...
  4. I am not willing to support a proposal with an anglocentric name. Why are proposed projects' names always in English?

--Zerabat (discusión) 23:11, 25 February 2018 (UTC)Reply