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Speech scripts[edit]

closing by

Many thanks again to everyone - UNESCO Bangkok, Embassy of Sweden in Bangkok, Aj Kritya and her class, Sigma club and Wikimedia Thailand volunteers. The final message I want to convey is that today’s activities are the beginning rather than the end, both for participants and the organisers. For participants, you are now technically equipped to make changes to Wikipedia. The edit you will make is real-time and can possibly stay beyond your lifetime. With your contributions to the site, you can make it more inclusive and address social and global issues -- at this time, gender inequality and feminism -- and at other times, perhaps, climate change, public health and world peace. For organisers, this is the first time that we join hands to test the water. This won’t be the last. We will learn from participant feedback and progress. From that we will deliver more impactful campaign at a larger scale in years to come. Thanks again to both participants and organisers today.

Wikimedia Thailand speech

Good afternoon, everyone. It’s a pleasure to have this opportunity to speak with you today and thanks for having me. I am Teetee - Piyathida, a Wikimedia Thailand volunteer. Let me briefly tell you about Wikimedia. Wikimedia foundation or WMF was first established in 2008 to take care of the English encyclopedia named Wikipedia that was launched 7 years earlier along with its sister project. WMF and its affiliate work together to support and maintain Wikimedia projects to align with the vision of WMF which is to make knowledge accessible to all people. Wikimedia Thailand is one of the WMF chapters. We are Thai volunteers working on Thai project and articles relating to Thailand. As a developing country, there is a limit access to vital information and basic knowledge which could be considered as a harmful situation since being unable to access those information means that we are prone to being deceived or misguided. We, wikimedian, hope that Wikipedia would be a tool to solve that problem and promote public knowledge. Nevertheless, Wikipedia itself also has several systemic biases and one of the important biases is Gender bias. There are less articles relating to women as compared to men. In addition, only 9% of editors are female. As a result, articles on Wikipedia are subjected to a bias in perspective and viewpoint toward the topic. Thus, we aim to lessen this problem by creating new articles and better versions of existing articles and one of the approaches is via launching Wiki Gap in collaboration with the Embassy of Sweden. Wiki Gap is an edit-a-thon on women’s biographies which was completed in March this year. It resulted in 67 new and 15 edited women articles. This particular campaign is a continuation of Wiki Gap to create more women-related articles in collaboration with Embassy of Sweden and UNESCO. Wikimedia Thailand embraces volunteers from all walks of life to promote cultural, linguistic and GENDER diversity. If you want to make a difference, start editing today. Anyone can edit Wikipedia!

Learning feedback[edit]

As of October 6, 2022, we are still awaiting participants to collect printed certificate from Mahidol University International College. Taweethaも (talk) 04:55, 6 October 2022 (UTC)Reply