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Many criticisms of yum performance were solved by the metadata parser rewrite back around the FC-6/F-7 time frame. You can read details of the performance increases at this URL. In Fedora 9 and upwards, yum is around 50-100x faster than the older version used by Wikimedia in their FC-3/FC-4 boxes. Obviously Wikimedia wouldn't have seen the improvements if they were using very old Fedora or the original RHEL or CentOS 5. Some of those performance increases were included in updates to RHEL and CentOS 5. For some factual information about why yum is different than other depsolvers like apt and smart, refer to this article.

None of this information, of course, has any bearing on other reasons why Wikimedia might want to standardize on a different distribution. I only include it here to increase understanding of yum. -- Paul W. Frields



"We like the predictable release schedule and the idea of infrastructure packages being up to date, but... Security updates cut off very quickly for stable systems, so we didn't like leaving old installations in place, but... New releases feel too bleeding edge, so we didn't like upgrading existing installations either."

- VS -

"The insanely slow release cycle is a bit of a turn-off; we need to make sure we have our RAID drivers and reasonably up-to-date LAMP and image-rerendering infrastructure software."

Soccer metaphor


Quote: ... a logical fallacy for me to conclude from this that soccer is a terrible game which no one should play.

That would not be a logical fallacy, it would state the truth, as that's a true statement, actually :-) Soccer is a terrible game (for some people ;-)

Soccer/football is the same stupid game today like it was in the past ;-) --- Nice regards, Melancholie 03:34, 11 December 2008 (UTC)Reply