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This page is an older discussion of Wiki-based university-like projects under the currently adopted name Wikiversity. (See the current proposal and its talk page - and there is also: Talk:Wikiversity:About and Talk:Wikiversity at wikibooks)


  • Original : Comments from the Wikimedia Proposala Page.
  • Old : previous, brief discussions of the project and its name.
  • Archive 2 : mainly from 2003/2004, but some later comments/suggestions
  • Archive 3 : May 2005- August 2006


As this is now a project approved for beta-testing, we might as well start to work on a logo, no? —Nightstallion (?) 06:09, 8 August 2006 (UTC)Reply

The logo discussion's now ongoing at Wikiversity/logo. —Nightstallion (?) 08:51, 24 August 2006 (UTC)Reply

Brief description of the project[edit]

In order to update the template wikimedia:Template:OurProjects of the Wikimedia Foundation website, a brief description of the Wikiversity project is required (such as "Free encyclopedia" for Wikipedia; see wikimedia:Template:OurProjects-en).

Here are several descriptions found on some Wikimedia projects:

What is the more appropriate (or "official") description? Thanks, Korg + + 03:20, 22 September 2006 (UTC)Reply

Personally I prefer "An electronic institution of learning" which I picked up from http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Wikiversity. I'm currently working on a revised guided tour for new visitors to the Wikiversity. From my research there appear to be two schools of thought — focus on the learning materials or on the hand go for the whole picture including the teaching process. I've raised this issue in the Wikiversity Colloquium at http://en.wikiversity.org/wiki/Wikiversity:Colloquium#Defining_the_Wikiversity Morley 11 October 2006.

Wikimedia Foundation website template[edit]

Hello gawns, see Template:OurProjects2006, my proposal; it will be replaced with the current one. For version up, we need some new elements/variables. That is,

  • {{{WikiversityName}}} - Wikiversity in your language, e.g. it will be ウィキバーシティ in Japanese.
  • {{{WikiversityDescription}}} - you know what it is - better than me, for sure ;)

I propose you to have a translation request on TR/quick. For language versions they need to create a template as a whole, I offer them Translation requests/WMF/OurProjects2006 as workspace. Thanks! --Aphaia 11:20, 26 September 2006 (UTC)Reply

Long description of this project[edit]

I need for Wikimedia:Our projects and other language versions. Brief and general descriptions will be appropriate as startpoint in my opinion (not focusing on a particular language project). Is anyone interesred to draft its description? --Aphaia 04:01, 25 October 2006 (UTC)Reply

What about a french Wikiversity ?[edit]

I have a couple of texts for a Wikiversity in French. How is it possible to start the Wikiversity in French ?

(s) Thierry

The opening of the French Wikiversity has been asked (see bugzilla:7823), you can help preparing its opening at http://beta.wikiversity.org/wiki/Wikiversit%C3%A9. guillom 10:24, 29 November 2006 (UTC)Reply

Great Idea[edit]

I think that the whole idea of wikiversity is great, and will do good. The problem, as I see it, is the content there. I really do not think we will be able to find many editors who have the knlodge to make good courses. Also I do not think it will have many users. Prove me wrong, I want you to because it is a great idea.--Sir James Paul 23:42, 9 December 2006 (UTC)Reply

Wikiversity is still building up her content and her community. Interactions should increase.--Hillgentleman| 00:48, 23 December 2006 (UTC)Reply

Comments originally from the List of proposals[edit]

  1. JamesR1701E only if there's an ang.wikiversity also created.
  2. Cormaggio (on condition that what's there now isn't just deleted from Wikibooks straight away)

Single discussion site for coordination of Wikiversity with Wikibooks and other Wikimedia projects[edit]

There should be a single location for discussion of the similarities, differences, and co-ordination of Wikibooks and Wikiversity. I found several sites with this discussion:

Meta-Wiki: This page, No to Wikiversity and a bunch of other discussion sites moved to Wikiversity.

Wikibooks: b:Wikiversity b:Talk:Wikiversity

Wikiversity: Wikibooks, Wikiversity and Wikibooks services, Wikiversity:Approved Wikiversity project proposal, Wikiversity talk:Approved Wikiversity project proposal, Wikiversity:Scope, and others.

I personally think that the two sites have too much overlap to deserve separate projects. I believe they should be integrated under one name. Because Wikiversity is the higher abstraction and includes other materials like slides, presentations, etc. I believe it should also include textbooks. As I understand Wikiversity is in trial status until April 2007, I suggest merging Wikibooks into Wikiversity. If this is not going to happen, they will need strong coordination to ensure there are good interwiki links and no duplication of material.

Also, how are Wikiversity pages going to include material from Wikipedia, Wikisource, Commons, and other Wikimedia projects in a cohesive and consistent way? Right now interwiki links from Wikiversity seem very haphazard and vary from article to article. -kslays 17:11, 2 February 2007 (UTC)Reply

language list[edit]

The Template:Wikiversity/Languages is broken. --mikeu 06:27, 9 January 2009 (UTC)Reply

Board of Regents[edit]

The /Board of Regents page is the result of intense infighting between various hard-to-describe factions at the v:ersity. Frankly, I'm sick of the crap, myself and ready to bulldoze it. The page is a way to bring the fight "up here" into the metacommunity context, so that no more innocent bystanders are injured. Satire and sarcasm are nothing new at meta. Get_A_Clue.org --Quinobi 22:53, 30 August 2009 (UTC)Reply


The project's community is currently engaged in infighting and the key members of the project are leaving for http://netknowledge.org. Adrignola 21:13, 28 July 2010 (UTC)Reply

The problem page seems very out of date. I have spent more then a week trying to read through old discussions and talk to people, and this is as they say the tip of the iceberg. I want to add a little emphasis on the on infighting, this is really getting to be a no holds barred brawl. The level toxicity there for anyone who starts to look at the colloquium or community reviews will keep new talented people from getting involved, at least in my opinion. Thenub314 11:06, 29 July 2010 (UTC)Reply
As a PS to my message it should also be noted there is a strong dislike for meta, or any outside interference by some of the members there, so if you go there from here... enter the fight with kid gloves. Thenub314 11:11, 29 July 2010 (UTC)Reply
Agreed, the infighting seems to have gotten worse, not better, over the past few months. If WV is going to thrive, it's going to need a lot more support from the Wikimedia community (and by that I mean sustained support, not just a quick drive-by that would probably achieve little more than just stirring the pot some more).
As for NetKnowledge: while some of the contributors there are looking for a "wikiversity replacement" for one reason or another, it's not exactly competition (Adrignola has already discovered the rather heavy throttle we've set on the speed of community growth). Personally I'm there to get away from the drama and work on a better bloom clock, since wv was never given access to the software extensions it needed to improve the clock (forcing humans to manually do things that are better handled by software). For me it's not meant as a dig against WMF, but rather that I want to do my work in a quieter place with better tools. --SB_Johnny|talk|books 11:17, 30 July 2010 (UTC)Reply

Please review seriousness v. proposed deletion as parody of new article "Names of small numbers" at Wikipedia:Articles for deletion/Names of small numbers[edit]

Wikiversity WikiProject members, this is being discussed at:

Wikipedia:Articles for deletion/Names of small numbers http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:Articles_for_deletion/Names_of_small_numbers#Names_of_small_numbers

Please also consider what additional sections from binary and other numbering systems and from educationally, historically, linguistically and epistemologically significant concepts and works, including fractions and parts of wholes other than simple number-base exponential systems, including terms from currencies, agriculture, art media, and pre-modern English language names of small portions should be made to this topic as a kept article, especially subtopics which may not be generally known by Wikipedian editors in other particular fields. Etymology for some SI and Metric terms is included in their respective articles to which this one is linked; please consider what portions and extents of etymological information from those sources and what other sources are appropriate to add to this article as well.

Thank you. Pandelver 04:16, 12 March 2011 (UTC)Reply