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We should have the following sections on all article talk pages:

  1. Accuracy
  2. Completeness
  3. NPOV
  4. List of Wikipedians interested in maintaining this page

This might encourage people to question the accuracy, NPOV etc. and can also have an informal system of editorship. Eventually, we'd like to make it easy enough for people to question the accuracy & NPOV of each line in Wikipedia. Let's start with articles. _____________________________________________________________________________

Perhaps a small area on each article that would allow the reader to either:

  • Grade the article's usefulness.
  • click a link that would allow them to specifically cut and past what they thought to be an inaccuracy and then provide the information to correct it, or
  • Give users the abilty to simply type in a link to something that chalenged the accuray of the article.

POV should probably continue to be handled in an objective manner, but if every user can edit, being able to use a form to strictly address inaccuries, as opposed to omissions, would help to clear up that bit while the POV and stub level content could be expanded upon.

How to keep that from turning into a moron fest of random clicking, cutting, pasting and utter nonsense like "You R teh gay!" being typed into the page that allows for offering accurate information, I have no idea. Bunnerabb