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8 november 2019 Workshop Wiktionary Tateoba (kabyle, Shawi)[edit]

Workshop Wiktionary Kabyle language and Tatoeba Shawiya language in Montreal, oragnized with Zerfa chaoui Quebec Association and Tiragwa Association and Wikimedia Canada and Tv web Tq5 since Mois de la contribution francophone (Francophone contribution month) Shared event on many web site :French articles Zerfa chaouis, article, Agenda libre Qc, calendar wikimedia canada, and media and social medias (Facebook pages , Twitter, etc)

  1. Mohand Belkacem presentation
  2. Ahmed Houamel

15 november 2019 Workshop Wiktionary lingualibre (French Shawi) and Edit[edit]

  1. Presentation Ahmed Houamel : Wikimedia projects and Lingualibre
  2. Presentation Idhurar Tateoba

Workshop and edit: Tacawit Wiktionary , Lingualibre, Wikidata, Wikimedia Commons