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Tamil-Malayalam Community Collaboration

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Tamil-Malayalam Community Collaboration

Tamil-Malayalam Community Collaboration is an initiate to strengthen the partnership between two communities and create parallel resources in Wiki Projects. Geographically these two communities are located nearby and have been sharing their culture and art for multiple centuries. As a part of this collaboration, Wikipedians of each language community will create the most important articles considered by the other language community; Creating a parallel Corpus of Tamil Malayalam in Wiktionary, Lexeme; Sharing their learning and experience with each other.


Theme Description Related projects
Article Creation Create most needed articles in both languages in themes of history, geography, Culture and etc., Wikipedia
Label for Propernouns Create language labels for all locations, celebrities, etc., Wikidata
Parallel Corpus Creating Tamil Malayalam Parallel dictionary words Wiktionary, Lexeme

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Tamil Wiki Community Malayalam Wiki Community
  1. Neechalkaran
  2. Sridhar G
  3. User:தமிழ்க்குரிசில்
  4. பிரயாணி
  5. Sriveenkat
  6. Arularasan. G
  7. Sreekrishnan Narayanan
  1. Jinoy Tom Jacob
  2. Netha Hussain
  3. Akbar Ali
  4. User:Vis M
  5. Manojk (talk)
  6. Sreekrishnan Narayanan



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