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Telugu Wikipedia Reading list is created to encourage discource and research about various quality and diversity aspects of Telugu Wikipedia, from not only Wikipedians, but also various sectors of the knowledge world.


Telugu Wikipedia Reading list is created from Ee vaaram vyasam (Tr. Article of the Week) which results article being featured on Telugu Wikipedia Main page for a Week. Articles get selected basing on 4 simple parameters - Size of the article (Not lessthan 5KB. But 10KB or more is preferred), Quality (There should not be untranslated- English content in the article), Should not be featured before and Should contain at least one image. Almost 550+ articles from last 10 years got featured in Main page and now, those articles made Telugu Wikipedia Reading list.
We considered these articles for Reading list because: these were selected by community memebers over a decade for feature in first page which means they were considered to be "good enough to showcase" and there is room for critical analysis, reaserch & quality improvement as these may not the best articles that Wikipedia offer (like English Wikipedia Featured articles).


Telugu Wikipedia Reading list is created to serve several purposes. Some of those are:

  • To encourage Acadamecians, writers, subject experts and columnists to look into the work done by Wikipedians and write their observations on several aspects of Telugu Wikipedia content and quality. A reading list can be the good start to seek their opinions and observations.
  • There is a little research taken place on Telugu Wikipedia and its content outside Wikipedia circles, despite the need and scope. Research on Wikipedia content and analysis about its usefulness, content gaps, style from an academician or a writer or someone from a different perspective helps the Wikipedia. We intend to use this list to initiate such research or this can be their first start in Telugu Wikipedia.
  • Wikipedia community also can look into these articles and make a reaserch about several aspects of Wikipedia content as insiders' view. Apart from that, community may be encouraged to use thier observations to improve these articles which can be Showpieces of Telugu Wikipedia.
  • Publishing list of Wikipedians who made considerable contributions to the articles so that these articles qualified to be Article of the week. This can be a factor to be inspired to create or improve quality content in Telugu Wikipedia.

Reading list[edit]

Reading list can be found here. A total of 562 articles (as of April 2018) were categorized into 11 Sections namely People, Geography, Arts, Philosophy and Religion, Anthropology - Psychology - Everyday life, Society and Social sciences, Biology and Health, Physical Science, Technology, and Mathematics. Of these, Majority of articles in reading list were Biographies (Under People Section), they are followed by Places (Comes under Geography). Articles about Mathematics is having least number of articles (3 articles in 562 articles list), while other Sciences and Technology sections also got less number of articles (Biology and Health - 26, Physical Sciences - 25, Technology - 25). Several other deeper aspects about the content of these articles (like quality, diversity) are yet to be found and published.