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Template documentation


The template accepts the following optional parameters:

  • 1= or title=: Title of book or other major work
  • 2= or chapter=: Title of chapter or other minor work
  • type=: 1=type 1, 2=type 2,[1] auto=auto

Default type is auto.

“Auto” selects type 1 (traditional form) if the title consists only of CJK characters, type 2 (sinicized guillemets) otherwise.


  • Typing: {{書名|中文傳意}}
  • Produces:
  • Typing: {{書名|Digital Typography}}
  • Produces: Digital Typography

Explicit type 1 (traditional form):

  • Typing: {{書名|中文傳意|type=1}}
  • Produces:
  • Typing: (Do not attempt) {{書名|Digital Typography|type=1}}
  • Produces: (Do not attempt) Digital Typography

Explicit type 2 (sinicized guillemets):

  • Typing: {{書名|中文傳意|type=2}}
  • Produces: 文傳意
  • Typing: {{書名|Digital Typography|type=2}}
  • Produces: Digital Typography

Book and chapter titles:

  • Typing: {{書名|中文傳意|報告}}
  • Produces:
  • Typing: {{書名|パーソナルコンピュータ入門|FORTRANを使うには}}
  • Produces: ーソナルコンピュータ入門FORTRANを使うには

Chapter title only:

  • Typing: {{書名|chapter=出谷紀}}
  • Produces:
  • Typing: {{書名|chapter=FORTRANを使うには}}
  • Produces: FORTRANを使うには


The code that handles type 1 ˈsyˌmiŋˍhou (traditional form) can only handle CJK characters and full-width symbols. If any character that’s not exactly 1 em wide is in the input, the result is undefined.

If the title includes a link the result is undefined.

Typesetting of type 2 ˈsyˌmiŋˍhou (sinicized guillemets) is currently following Taiwanese rules, which appear to be different from Mainland rules.[2]

About the English-language documentation[edit]

This is a mostly complete translation of the original documentation at the Cantonese Wikipedia (in Cantonese). Please refer to the original documentation if you need information that might be more up to date.

The name of the template means “book title”.


This template and module were written in September 2022 for the Cantonese Wikipedia.

They have been copied here from the Cantonese Wikipedia in October 2022 to make it easier to translate Tech News.


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