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{{{l18n summary details}}}
  • {{{l18n personal}}}:
    • {{{l18n name}}}: {{{name}}}
    • {{{l18n age}}}: {{{age}}}
    • {{{l18n location}}}: {{{location}}}
    • {{{l18n languages}}}: {{{languages}}}
  • {{{l18n editorial}}}:
    • {{{l18n wikimedian since}}}: {{{wikimedian since}}}
    • {{{l18n active wikis}}}: {{{active wikis}}}
{{{l18n statement}}} {{{statement}}}


Using this template[edit]

See Board elections/2009/Candidates/en#Instructions.

Translating this template[edit]

To provide a new translation, please see Board elections/2009/Translation.