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This templates returns the ISO week number for today (as set by UTC time on the Wikipedia server).

The ISO year (always equal to the gregorian year between January the 4th, in ISO week 1, and December the 28th) always includes an integer number, 52 or 53, of ISO weeks starting each on monday and ending on sunday; the ISO year may be smaller (by 1) on the first zero to three days of January, and may be larger (by 1) on the last zero to three days of December.

    note that digits are still localized in a page translated to Arabic, Farsi, Hidi, Marathi, ... (just like with {{CURRENTWEEK}}, or with format strings "Y" (Gregorian year) or "o" (ISO year) with the #time parser function).
    Don't use this simple form in numeric expressions with parser finction #expr, which does not parse these numbers, or in the date value parameter of #time !
    Format the next numeric code as a raw ASCII number, with digits "0-9", suitable for use in numeric expressions with #expr, or in a date/time value parameter of #time (see also the "xn" flag in #time).
    Format the next number as a roman numeral, with digits "IVCXM", only works for positive numbers up to 9999 (see also the "xr" flag in #time).
    the return number will use Hebrew digits (see also the "xh" flag in #time).


  • {{CURRENTISOWEEK}} gives 21 [1]
  • "{{CURRENTISOWEEK|n}}" gives "21" [2]
  • "{{CURRENTISOWEEK|r}}" gives "XXI" [3]
  • "{{CURRENTISOWEEK|h}}" gives "כ"א" [4]
  • {{CURRENTWEEK}} gives 21 [5]

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