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Template:Campaign message box/doc

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{{Campaign message box
|border color =  <!-- color of the border, default #AAAAAA -->
|BK color     =  <!-- color of the background, default transparent-->
|image        =  <!-- small image at the top left, default: Open Iconic home.svg. More images: Category:Open Iconic on Commons-->
|title        =  <!--Title of the box,  default: Add Title here-->
|content      =  <!-- Content of the box, default: Add text here-->

The box with default settings:

Add Title here

Add text here

The box with parameters set as follows:

{{Campaign message box
|border color = #FA15FF
|BK color     = Yellow
|image        = Open Iconic badge.svg
|title        = Example title 
|content      = Hello world !

The result will be:

Example title

Hello world !