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This is an Application for Chapter or Thematic Organization Recognition (Need to link category once created)

General Instructions for the process are outlined for Chapters and Thematic Organizations. This is a template outlining each of the criteria for becoming a new chapter or thematic organization as outlined in the Affiliates portal. In the templated sections that follow please replace the italicized instructions with your evidence of meeting each of the criteria. Please remember to include descriptive text along with any links shared.

Application Criteria[edit]

Aligned Mission[edit]

Chapters and Thematic Organizations are expected to have a mission similar to the mission and vision of the Wikimedia Foundation; and to adhere to the guiding principles of the Wikimedia Foundation and the Wikimedia movement.

Please provide copies of any documents that set out your mission.  For most chapters, this information is found in their bylaws, but you may have it in a different location, or may have additional documents relevant to this criterion. Please share descriptive text, direct content and/or links to evidence your organization meets this criteria in the space below.

Geographic Focus (Chapters only)[edit]

Chapters must be based in a single country or region; cannot be based in a country or region where a chapter already exists; and are expected to focus their activities in that region.

Please provide copies of any documents that set out your geographic focus or scope.  Again, this information might be in your bylaws.

Legal Structure[edit]

Chapters and Thematic Organizations must be legally incorporated entities; must be non-profit organizations (or have an equivalent legal status in their home jurisdiction); must be legally independent from the Wikimedia Foundation; and must follow all applicable laws and regulations.

It is best that you do not use "Wikimedia," "Wikipedia," or other brand names in your registered/incorporated name, if you are able to register under a different name from the name that your group operates under. This is consistent with the order of the process to first be recognized before initiating operations under the new Chapter or thematic Organization naming. This also prevents any potential complication in the future should your organization be derecognized where you would need to stop using "Wikimedia" in your name and require a change in registration if your group wanted to continue to operate after such derecognition.

Please provide copies of any documents that demonstrate your status as a legally incorporated, non-profit organization (such as a certificate of incorporation or a similar official document).

Open Governance[edit]

Chapters and Thematic Organizations are expected to operate under a set of governing documents (such as bylaws) which have been approved by the Affiliations Committee; to allow new members to join; and to have a governing body that is elected by and responsible to their members.

Please provide a copy of your current bylaws, as well as any documents that demonstrate your governance activity (such as minutes of board or membership meetings).  We will also need copies of documents that demonstrate the process by which your governing body is elected; this information may be in the minutes of a membership meeting, or in some other document.

Here are some example bylaws of chapters available on meta:Ukraine, Armenia, Amical

Please let us know if you would like to see more examples. Importantly, your bylaws must be written to create an organization that meets both local requirements and which confirm structures which comply with the current requirements and guidelines for future chapters. If you have any further questions, or if there is anything else we can do to assist you, please do not hesitate to ask.

Active Contributor Involvement[edit]

Chapters and Thematic Organizations are expected to involve at least 20 active Wikimedia contributors (individuals with at least 300 contributions to a Wikimedia project under a registered account that has existed for at least 6 months and is in good community standing).

Please provide a list of usernames for at least 20 Wikimedia contributors who are affiliated with your group and meet the above requirements.  It would also be helpful to have any information you might be able to share regarding the general demographics of your group (such as the percentage of Wikimedia contributors versus other individuals involved, the rate at which your group's membership has grown, diversity of the group's participants or activities, and so forth).


Chapters and Thematic Organizations are expected to demonstrate capacity to meet future responsibilities and expectations (such as organizing programs and activities; recruiting volunteers and obtaining funding; maintaining compliance with legal obligations, chapter and grant agreements, and movement best practices; and so on).

Financial Capacity[edit]

Please provide any available information concerning your financial capacity (including, at a minimum, a financial statement that shows how much cash and any other assets you currently hold, as well as a budget for your current fiscal year) and your volunteer capacity (including, if possible, information about the number of volunteers who support your programs).

Diversity of Activities[edit]

Chapters and Thematic Organizations are expected to plan and conduct a variety of different programs and events; to balance online and offline projects; to strive for continuous activity; and to conduct programs and events at least once every two months.

Please provide detailed information about your past, current, and future programs, including, at a minimum, descriptions of every major program that you've conducted or plan to conduct.  The descriptions should contain enough information so that we can determine when and where the programs took place, who was involved in conducting them, and what type of activity was involved.  Some or all of this information may already be in your annual reports -- and please feel free to send us those documents if that is the case -- but it may also be helpful for us to have copies of any other documents that include this type of information, such as past grant proposals and reports.

Planning and Evaluation[edit]

Chapters and Thematic Organizations are expected to set specific goals and targets for programs, projects, and events before executing them; to measure the results of programs, projects, and events against those targets; and to report on those results to the Wikimedia Foundation and the wider Wikimedia movement.

Please provide detailed information about your planning and evaluation processes.  The information should allow us to determine what types of planning and evaluation activities take place, who is responsible for them.  For planning, it would be helpful to have copies of any annual or strategic plans you may have developed, as well as any project- or event-specific planning documents (such as grant proposals, budgets, and so forth).  For evaluation, it would be helpful to have information that describes how you measure the results of your programs, as well as examples of past measurements and results.

External Partnerships[edit]

Chapters and Thematic Organizations are expected to engage in programmatic partnerships with external groups and organizations (for example, cultural, academic, or government institutions, and so on) to promote the Wikimedia movement and to add and improve content on Wikimedia projects.

Please provide detailed information about your past, present, and future partnerships, including, if possible, a complete list of external partners and information about the nature of your partnership with each.  Again, some or all of this information may already be present in your reports; please feel free to indicate if this is the case.

Application Progress[edit]

Stage Status
In Planning - New Application YesY
In Progress - Bylaws Submitted
In Progress - Bylaw Revisions & Application Completion
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Complete - Application process complete