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This Template:Concat contains:



This template concatenates parameters 1 − 150, as far as defined.

Newlines and spaces are preserved in the "expansion", and rendered as usual.





The first form is not useful to apply directly; it can be useful in another template, e.g. Template:For. The second form sorts the data by parameter number, and removes duplicates: only the lastly defined value of a parameter counts; however, a defined value cannot be made undefined by any code later in the template call.


Code Result
{{Concat|a}} a
"{{Concat| a |b |c| d


" a b c d


{{Concat|a|b|c}} abc
{{Concat|2=a|3=b|1=c}} cab
{{Concat|2=a|3=b|2=c}} cb
{{Concat|100=a|200=b}} ab
{{Concat|1=2=3|4=5=6}} 2=35=6
{{for|, |call=concat and link to w:en:|pcv1=John_|pv=2||Lennon|Wayne}} John_, John_Lennon, John_Wayne

The last example uses Template:concat and link to w:en: containing "[[w:en:{{{1|}}}{{{2|}}}|{{{1|}}}{{{2|}}}]]".

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