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This template sets up a project information box that summarizes the basic information about a new editor engagement project that is related to one or more Wikimedia projects. To use the template, copy and paste the code below to the top of your project page and fill out the fields as instructed by comments.

This template is based on the Research Project template. It is intended for use on projects that have goals beyond basic research, although they may include a strong research component. Projects that focus on engaging new users of Wikimedia projects and making an impact on editor retention may use this template to highlight that purpose.

The code & an example[edit]

Editor Engagement Project
Example Project
project leads
Community Fellow
Research Fellow
Head of Community Fellowships
WMF supportWikimedia Fellowship Project
Editor engagement projects Editor engagement initiatives

Copy and paste the following code to your project page and fill out the template fields as described.

<!-- Title
The title of the project, this field is mandatory. -->
<!-- Main Contact(s) 
Who should be contacted for more information about this project? Use the "NEEP Investigator" template to add name affiliations, separated by pipes. You must include at least one affiliation per contact. For example: 
{{NEEP Investigator|Jonathan Morgan|University of Washington}} -->
<!-- Co-investigator(s)
Who else is working on this project? List coinvestigators using the "NEEP Investigator" template.
See above for example. -->

<!-- Wikimedia Foundation support
What, if any, WMF initiative, individual or department is involved with this project? For example:  [[Wikimedia_Fellowships|Wikimedia Fellowship Project]]
Leave this blank if unsure.-->
<!-- Start
When will the project begin? -->
<!-- End
When will the project be complete or when was it completed? -->