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{{{1}}} [✓ eligible]


# {{eligible|Support. Awesome proposal, will solve world hunger. —Foo 04:09, 04 February 2010 (UTC)}}
# {{eligible|Support. Finally, a solution to both world hunger and people hunger! —Bar 04:43, 04 February 2010 (UTC)}}
# Oppose. Natural selection, dudes! —newbie69 05:13, 04 February 2010 (UTC)

Marks a comment in a vote as meeting the requirements, so it is easier to count beans. The second parameter can be used to indicate the name of the user who performed the check (sign your name without timestamp using ~~~), etc. (If the second parameter isn't used, it will not appear.)

You can link to an eligibility-checking script by adding a "link=" parameter:

{{eligible|Nonsense! —newbie101 05:13, 04 February 2010 (UTC)|link=https://meta.toolforge.org/accounteligibility/}}

Nonsense! —newbie101 05:13, 04 February 2010 (UTC) [✓ eligible]

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