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Project summary[edit]

Provide a few basic details about this project.

Title of project: {{{title}}}

Start date of project: {{{start date}}}

End date of project: {{{end date}}}

Please provide a brief description of the project.

{{{project description}}}

About this grantee[edit]

Please describe the person / group / organization you are recommending. Please review eligibility requirements here.

  • Who will receive funding?
  • What is the name or Username of the grantee?
  • In which country is this grantee located?
  • What is the name or Username of the project lead(s) responsible for this project?
    {{{project lead}}}
    {{{contact information}}}
  • Please provide a brief description of this person / people / organization.
    {{{grantee description}}}
  • Briefly, explain why you, as flow funder, have confidence in this organization to execute these activities successfully.

About this project's potential for impact[edit]

Please summarize how this project will help further Wikimedia's mission or meet our strategic goals.

{{{impact statement}}}

Financial details[edit]

  • Total amount requested: {{{amount requested local}}}
  • Currency requested: {{{currency requested}}}
  • Total amount requested in US Dollars (USD): {{{amount requested USD}}}

{{{table}}} </includeonly>