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This page is a translated version of the page Template:Fortius linguarum/TOC and the translation is 100% complete.
  1. 简介
  2. 翻译扩展
    1. 翻译中
    2. 校对中
    3. 信息组统计
  3. 准备翻译
    1. 翻译标记
    2. 简单申请
    3. 复杂及多样申请
  4. 联系翻译者
    1. Special:Notifytranslators
    2. AWB:自动维基浏览器
    3. 征募横幅
    4. 直接转换横幅
    5. 捐款人调查
    6. 分会援助
  5. 横幅和中央通告
    1. 横幅翻译
    2. 本地化和javascript
    3. Special:Translate integration
  6. 附录
    1. 筹款页列表


{{TNT|Fortius linguarum/TOC}}

(called over {{TNT}} for auto-corresponding languages for translations of this template and languages of pages where it was called)


Each page calls Template:Fortius linguarum/TOC/layout, where defined style and translatable elements.

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