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Hello GFDL presumed warning,

When you uploaded [[:File:]], you did not specify complete source and copyright information. Another user subsequently tagged it with {{GFDL-presumed}} and, for some time, it has existed on Meta-Wiki under the assumption that you created the image and you agreed to license it under the GFDL. This assumption, however well-meaning, is not legally sufficient and the tag is being phased out. Images using it are being reviewed and may be deleted if its copyright status cannot remains unclear.

  • If you, personally, are the author of that content, meaning that you took the photograph yourself or you created the content yourself (and it does not use any clipart that you did not create), please retag the image with a free file copyright tag that correctly describes your licensing intentions. Please also make sure if you have not already done so that you write a good description of what the image depicts, when you took the photo, and other important details. This will allow Meta-Wiki to continue using the image.
  • If you did not create the image or if it is derived from the copyrighted works of others, please keep in mind that most images on the internet are copyrighted and are not suitable for use on Meta-Wiki. Meta-Wiki respects the copyrights of others and does not use images unless we know that they have been freely licensed. Any creative work is automatically copyrighted, even if it lacks a copyright notice. Unless the copyright holder has specifically disclaimed their rights to the image and released it under the GFDL or another compatible license, we cannot use it. If you did not create the image, simply do nothing and it will be deleted in a week.

Feel free to contact me on my talk page or leave a message at Meta:Babel with any questions you may have.

Yours sincerely,

Template documentation

This template can be applied to the user's talk page when tagging a {{GFDL-presumed}} image for deletion. It explains to the user what is going on and suggests what needs to be done for the image to stay. It is especially important, for unquestionably user-created images, that we attempt to contact the uploader.


{{subst:GFDL presumed warning|some image name.jpg}} ~~~~