Template:H:Namespace variables

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Word Example Explanation
{{ns:}} {{ns:4}} = Meta
{{ns:project}} = Meta
Returns the name of a given namespace number.
{{localurl:x y @}}
{{localurle:x y @}}
Returns the local URL of a page (might not exist). Optional query parameter, see Help:Variable.
{{urlencode:x y @}} x+y+%40 [MW1.7+] Encodes variable values for use in external links. [1]
{{anchorencode:x #y @}} x_#y_@ [MW1.8+] Encodes variable values for use in section anchors. [2]
{{fullurl:x y @}}
{{fullurle:x y @}}
[MW1.5+] Returns the full URL of a given page. Optional query parameter as for localurl:.

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