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This template displays and formats one of several icons followed by optional text. You can use this template for voting in strawpolls, indicating the status of something, or practically anything else where you want to use a commonly recognized icon in a discussion, infobox, or within another template.


Remember to subst: the template - it won't work if not subst:ed

Basic usage:

  • {{subst:Icon|option}} places an image and some bolded text, according to the tables below
  • {{subst:Icon|option|your text}} replaces the standard bolded text with the supplied your text

If your text includes an equals sign ("=") use this form:

  • {{subst:Icon|icon=option|text=your text}}

If your text includes a verical pipe symbol ("|"), you may need to use the "{{!}}" template in place of the pipe symbol.

see-comment, see-note, and see-tip each accept a recommended element named "see" that links to additional information. For example:

  • {{subst:Icon|icon=see-note|see=below}}

Would produce:

If you do not wish your words to be bolded, add |bold=n. Repeating the previous example:

  • {{subst:Icon|icon=see-note|see=below|bold=n}}

Would produce:

You can choose not to have any text appear. Simply leave the |text= empty and turn off bolding, like this:

  • {{subst:Icon|option|text=|bold=n}}
  • {{subst:Icon|icon=option|text=|bold=n}}

If you are using this template within another template or a table, you might want to prevent line breaks within the text. This feature should not be used in a normal discussion. It should be limited to use only where it is absolutely necessary to keep the icon and all of the text together unbroken on a single line. To do so, add |wrap=n.

Options and examples[edit]

Logic icons[edit]

no No
no-t Tentatively No
yes Yes
yes-t Tentatively Yes

Status icons[edit]

approved Approved
confirmed Confirmed
declined Declined
deferred Deferred
doing Doing
done Done
kept Kept
notdone Not Done
onhold On Hold
outdated Outdated
overdue Overdue
pending Pending

Voting icons[edit]

abstain Abstain
comment Comment
delete Delete
keep Keep
neutral Neutral
nosupport No Support
oppose Oppose
partial Partial Support
support Support
strongoppose Strong Oppose
strongsupport Strong Support
unsupport Unsupport
remove Remove
wait Wait

Action icons[edit]

cleanup Cleanup
demerge Demerge
desplit Desplit
divide Divide
lock Lock
merge Merge
move Move
recycle Recycle
redirect Redirect
rename Rename
split Split
transwiki Transwiki
unlock Unlock

Comment icons[edit]

comments Comments
fyi FYI
hold Hold On
idea Idea
info Info
information Info
listen Listen
love Love It
note Note
opinion Opinion
possible Possible
question Question
reply Reply
response Response
see-comment See comment
see-note See note
see-tip See tip
star Excellent
tip Tip
wtf WTF?


agree Agree
cool Cool
disagree Disagree
hate Hate It
yea Awesome


caution Caution
error Error
fix Fix
stop Stop
warning Warning
warn-1 1st Warning
warn-2 2nd Warning
warn-3 3rd Warning
warn-f Final Warning

Temperature or Activity[edit]

decrease Decreasing
increase Increasing
static Static


start Started
half Halfway
finish Finished
dot1 1/5
dot2 2/5
dot3 3/5
dot4 4/5
dot5 5/5
0% 0%
25% 25%
50% 50%
75% 75%
100% 100%
0000 0%
0125 12.5%
0250 25%
0333 33.3%
0375 37.5%
0500 50%
0625 62.5%
0667 66.7%
0750 75%
0875 87.5%
1000 100%

Colored text boxes[edit]


Default if nothing is recognized[edit]

default Unknown