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This template generates a link to an alternate language of the page.


Use this on Template:H-langs:NAMEOFPAGE style pages. Always finish off with a {{edi|NAMEOFTEMPLATE}}, so that you have an edit link and a "terminator" required by older layouts. For details see Help page footer templates.

  • {{ill|Link to page|Language code of page}}
  • {{ill|Link to page|Language code of page|dir=rtl}}

Example of a template using this technique:

{{ParserFunctions}} gives Template:ParserFunctions [1].


Templates using ill on separate lines can't be used within a list, e.g.

"{{H-langs:Link|:}}" gives "Template:H-langs:Link" [2]

Edit Ph:MediaWiki help policy

This list of templates used on help pages, but not yet covered in the page Help:MediaWiki help policy, is not complete. Please add what you find, or try to remove what's not really needed worldwide: