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This is a supplement to the {{#language:}} magic word that adds a few country variants that are not currently supported in MediaWiki. It takes one parameter, which is a language code. The language code es-es ({{LANGUAGE|es-es}}) will render "Español (España)" (not defined by MediaWiki), while the language code dv ({{LANGUAGE|dv}}) will render "ދިވެހިބަސް" (defined by MediaWiki).

List of currently defined regional language variants[edit]

en-ca English (Canada)
en-gb English (UK)
en-us English (US)
es-ar Español (Argentina)
es-es Español (España)
es-mx Español (México)
fr-ca Français (Canada)
pt-br Português (Brasil)
pt-pt Português (Portugal)

All others not in this table should be defined by MediaWiki.