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This template returns the label for a particular entity (item or property), using Module:Wikidata label.


{{Label |1= |2= |link= |capitalization= }}

{{LabelT |1= |link= |capitalization= }} displays the label in page language. You should use {{LabelT}} in translatable pages.

Template parameters

itemWikidata item ID number in form "Q" + item number.
Also works with Wikidata properties if you use "P"+number.
languageLanguage code (e.g. en, pt-br, etc.)emptyoptional
linklinklink type:
wikipedia will try to link to Wikipedia (does not work for properties)
wikidata to Wikidata
wikidata talk to Wikidata talk page
commons to Commons (does not work for properties)
- means no link.
The code will try first the link of your choice then if not possible it will fallback and try linking to Wikipedia, and if that is not possible than to Wikidata.
capitalizationcapitalizationcan be:
uc: upper case
lc: lower case
ucfirst: upper case for the first letter
lcfirst: lower case for the first letter
none: to leave it as is
show_idshow_idif set to 1 than item ID will be displayed after the labelnoneoptional

Additional information

The template is intended to be used in the following namespaces: all namespaces

The template is intended to be used by the following user groups: all users

Relies on:
Module:Wikidata label


This template is not intended to be localized.

You can use {{LabelT}} to use page language by default for displaying the label.


Example 1

  • {{label|Q1}}: Universe (in user interface language)
  • {{labelT|Q1}}: Universe (in page language)
  • {{label|Q1|en}}: Universe
  • {{label|Q1|ar}}: فضاء كوني
  • {{label|Q1|he}}: היקום
  • {{label|Q1|zh}}: 宇宙
  • {{label|Q97|capitalization=none}}: Atlantic Ocean
  • {{label|Q97|capitalization=uc}}: ATLANTIC OCEAN
  • {{label|Q97|capitalization=lc}}: atlantic ocean
  • {{label|Q97|capitalization=ucfirst}}: Atlantic Ocean
  • {{label|Q97|capitalization=lcfirst}}: atlantic Ocean
  • {{label|Q5|link=wikidata}}: Atlantic Ocean
  • {{label|Q5|link=commons}}: Atlantic Ocean
  • {{label|Q5|link=-}}: Atlantic Ocean
  • {{label|P17}}: country
  • {{label|P17|link=-}}: country

Example 2

Universe (Q1)
{{LabelT | Q1 }} → Universe
{{LabelT | Q1 | en }} → Universe
{{LabelT | Q1 | es }} → Universo
{{LabelT | Q1 | ru }} → Вселенная
{{LabelT | Q1 | ja }} → 宇宙
{{LabelT | P31 }} → instance of
{{LabelT | P31 | en }} → instance of
{{LabelT | P31 | es }} → instancia de
{{LabelT | P31 | ru }} → это частный случай понятия
{{LabelT | P31 | ja }} → 分類
{{LabelT | Property:P279 }} → subclass of
{{LabelT | Property:P279 | en }} → subclass of
{{LabelT | Property:P279 | es }} → subclase de
{{LabelT | Property:P279 | ru }} → подкласс от
{{LabelT | Property:P279 | ja }} → 上位クラス

See also

  • For general Wikidata requests: {{Wda}} using Module:Wd
  • To provide links to Wikipedia:
    • {{lwp}} from a page title,
    • {{wq}} from a Wikidata Id