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This template is not intended to be used directly. It contains the complex programming for custom link templates which can selectively show relevant links. For example, {{links-core||template|foo|talk=1}} will only output a link to the talk page.

The syntax is:

{{links-core|interwiki prefix (blank for current wiki)|namespace|page name|named option}}

Referring to the table of options below, a new links template can be created by adding "1" (or any value) beside the desired link options.

 |1 = {{#if:{{{3|}}}|{{{1|}}}}}
 |2 = {{#if:{{{3|}}}|{{{2|template}}}|{{{1|template}}}}}
 |3 = {{#if:{{{3|}}}|{{{3|foo}}}|{{{2|foo}}}}}
 |link          =
 |talk          =
 |edit          =
 |watch         = 
 |history       =
 |whatlinkshere = 
 |logs          =
 |localspace    =
 |delete        =
 |contribs      =
 |block         =

The following link options are possible:

Parameter Example & notes
All namespaces
link "template:foo"; a link to the relevant page.
talk "talk"; a link to the associated talk page (will not work correctly if the template is used for a talk page).
edit "edit"; a link to the edit mode for that page.
watch "watch"; click to watch the page.
history "history"; link to the edit log for that page.
whatlinkshere "links"; link to list of incoming links for that page.
logs "logs"; link to all logs for the current page.
localspace "localspace"; link to list of subpages.
delete "delete"; link to delete form with the page title filled in.
User namespace
contribs "contributions"; link to the user's edit log.
block "block"; link to the block form with the user name filled in.

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