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This template is useful to create a link to a multi-language page, not having yet a version in your (or other interested you) language. While a version in concern language does not exist, the link will direct each visitor to their language chosen in the settings. When a version in your language will be created, the link will be just to it.

Template parameters[Edit template data]

This template prefers inline formatting of parameters.

page namen 1

Name of the English page

Page namerequired
link titlet 2

Displayed text of the link, by default same as the (English) page name

languagel 3

ISO code of your language, by default the internal page language of the current page (this is the actual page language for pages translated using the Translate extension, and mostly English otherwise)



code result note
{{lng|n=Meta:Policies and guidelines|t=read carefully|l=fr}} read carefully the French
of that page
{{lng|Meta:Policies and guidelines|read carefully|fr}} read carefully
{{lng|n=Meta:Policies and guidelines|l=fr}} Meta:Policies and guidelines
{{lng|Meta:Policies and guidelines||fr}} Meta:Policies and guidelines
{{lng|n=Meta:Policies and guidelines|t=read carefully|l=tl}} read carefully a Tagalog
version of
that page
does not
{{lng|Meta:Policies and guidelines|read carefully|tl}} read carefully
{{lng|n=Meta:Policies and guidelines|l=tl}} Meta:Policies and guidelines
{{lng|Meta:Policies and guidelines||tl}} Meta:Policies and guidelines