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The MediaWiki Logo

This is a screenshot of the MediaWiki software. It is avaliable under the terms of the GNU General Public License).
Wikimedia logos, are subject to trademark by the Wikimedia Foundation, Inc.

Template documentation

Template data[edit]

Template parameters


no description


no description


Is used to specify which skin is being used in the screenshot

Auto value


  • CONTENT is used to specify what other content is visible in the screenshot, and should be replaced with one of the following values:
    • none - there is no content, or all content is part of the MediaWiki user-interface.
    • wikipedia - The screenshot is of a Wikipedia page.
    • gfdl - The content is released under the GFDL license (but is not Wikipedia content).
    • free - The content is released under any other 'free or open source' license (not GFDL). In this case you can use the 'free' parameter to indicate a template to be used (see below).
    • unfree - The content is proprietary and is not distributed under any 'free or open source' license.
    • Any other value will cause the image to be placed in Category:MW screenshots with unspecified content and will need fixing.
  • SKIN is used to specify which skin is being used in the screenshot:
    • none - No skin-specific content is visible (which is unlikely...)
    • One of the following built-in skins: chick, classic, cologneblue, monobook (the default skin), myskin, nostalgia, simple. (note standard also exists as an alias for classic)
    • other - A custom/proprietary skin was used.
    • Any other value will cause the image to be placed in Category:No skin specified and will need fixing.
  • FREE_TEMPLATE is an optional parameter, only used if content=free. In this case, the parameter names a template to be used to specify the license (don't include the curly brackets). For example: free=PD.