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<templatestyles src="nowrap/core.css"/><span class="nowrap">{{{1}}}</span>

This template prevents word wraps (line breaks) in text with spaces in.


{{nowrap|your text}}


{{nowrap|34 kg}} - Assures that the unit appears on the same line as the number.

Handling interpreted characters

For text that includes an equals sign "=", precede the text with 1=. For example:
{{nowrap|1=2 + 2 = 4}}
Which renders:
2 + 2 = 4
For text that includes a vertical bar "|", escape the bar(s) with &#124; or {{!}}. For example:
{{nowrap|&#124;2&#124; < 3}}
Which renders:
|2| < 3

See also

  • {{nowraplinks}} - Prevents wraps inside links and only allows wraps between the links and in normal text, very useful for link lists and easy to use.
  • {{nowrap begin}} - Prevents wraps in both text and links. For the really tricky wrapping cases when you need full control, for instance in very complex long link lists.

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