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This template provides an expression for a power. It checks whether base and exponent both have an integer value. If so, they are converted to type integer and Template:Powint is applied, otherwise the power is applied directly.

Thus the highest accuracy is achieved, and the result is of type integer where possible, for display and accurate subsequent computations.




  • {{pow|257|7}} → 7.4051159531522E+16
  • {{pow|257.3|7}} → 7.4658369937403E+16
  • {{pow|257|7.1}} → 1.2898083247355E+17
  • {{pow|257|8}} → 1.9031147999601E+19
  • {{numfh|7.4051159531522E+16}} → 74,051,159,531,522,000 (ca. 7.4e16) 1.071523231507dhex*2^56
  • {{numfh|7.4658369937403E+16}} → 74,658,369,937,403,000 (ca. 7.5e16) 1.093d6453a0ec8hex*2^56
  • {{numfh|1.2898083247355E+17}} → 128,980,832,473,549,980 (ca. 1.3e17) 1.ca3b623e6b8cahex*2^56
  • {{numfh|1.9031147999601E+19}} → 19,031,147,999,601,000,000 (ca. 1.9e19) 1.081c3846381a8hex*2^64